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Law Firm Website Design Services

Clients are looking for an expert to solve their problems and will most likely choose a law firm with a robust attorney website that is dedicated to their issue and captures trust. Diamond R Creative designs high-performance and responsive attorney websites for lawyers, programmed with structured code to ensure maximum visibility on search engines. We know that your law firm website design is not just a virtual business card but a tool to increase your bottom-line. As always, we are thinking ROI in everything we do. Our websites effortlessly engage people so that potential customers easily transition into paying clients. This is what your website should do for you. And, for it to do so, your law firm’s website design is the first and most crucial step into garnering online success.

To aptly build and integrate systems, one must be acutely aware of the total intention of the proposed solution, the knowledge to intelligently create it, and the environment for which it is to live and support your objectives. At Diamond R Creative, we accomplish this by following simple 3-step method:

  1. We get to know your company by understanding your business processes, goals, and capabilities;
  2. We research industry best practices that relate to your specific requirement;
  3. We follow a phased, systematic and repeatable process to ensure that the quality of our work and the outcome of the project meet your expectations.

Utilizing a collaborative design approach in order to brand your vision correctly and to attract the clientele you are targeting, we create a website design development lifecycle for your law firm based on project management principles comprised of defined, repeatable processes so that all tasks can be consistently tracked, completed on time, and remain within budget. Basically, to give you what you asked for! We have 5 phases in our law firm website design process that ensures everyone retains the same vision throughout the project and the integrity of the scope is maintained. Each step requires approval from you in order to proceed to the next step.

Law Firm Website Design Process

Define – We have a detailed consultation where we capture your vision, brand, target clients, practice area, competition, and the look and feel you are after and ensure it creates a holistic synergy with your entire marketing campaign. We will also establish a list of functional requirements you may want include in the design.

Design – Utilizing information received in the Definition phase, we build several website designs for you to approve. This design can match your current marketing efforts or be a complete redesign for a new approach. Each will contain user-friendly layouts, easy navigation, clean design, a clear and focused message that communicates your law firm’s strengths, obvious calls to action, and be optimized for mobile viewing. Our design process ensures your website is consistent with your marketing objectives and goals.

Develop – Upon approval of the design, we build a responsive website that will optimize the display of your website across multiple devices, incorporate functional requirements and relevant, compelling, keyword-rich content, integrate on-page SEO elements, and present it to you for approval.

Deploy – after Development is approved, we go live with your website, set up statistical tracking and analysis, and continue SEO activities.

Maintain – this last stage is monitoring the website to ensure it is optimally functioning and doing its job – getting you clients! We continue to perform requisite SEO tasks and monitor performance to see where we can improve or “tweak” performance for better results.

Don’t worry! If you have a great idea after we launch, we can always add to or update your website. ALL OF US have had great ideas after a project is completed. It’s very common in our line of work and we look at it more as growth than changes. We’re very understanding and easy to work with. Most important is your satisfaction.

In any case, whether you decide to do it yourself, go with Diamond R Creative or another agency, your website should contain the following at a minimum

  • Clear and focused message with one voice and clear calls to action.
  • Clean design. Don’t clutter the website with every possible bell and whistle.
  • Easy and straightforward navigation. Remember the Three-Click Rule!
  • Professional Portraits that exudes confidence. Potential customers are looking to hire a person to protect their future.
  • Optimized mobile website. Based on current trends, mobile searches will exceed desktop searches.

Law Firm Website Design Time

Depending on your requirements, your website can be up and running in a day or it could take weeks. No one size fits all. And the depth of your involvement is up to you. You can ask us to go make something that rocks and we’ll get on it! We like to rock!

Law Firm Website Design Pricing

Again, depending on your requirements, the price can vary greatly. How many websites? Do they need to be associated? Is there any proprietary software utilized by your firm? Databases? Client log ins? And so on. But to give you a reference point, Diamond R Creative can create a very simple website for $500 in one day. Feel free to send us your requirements and we will gladly send you a proposal.

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