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Can They Find You?

That really is the question, isn’t it? Can your customers find you when they are ready to purchase your services?

If you’re not thinking about this, rest assured your competition already has and is taking action. Google your practice area and see who is on page one of the search results. This is your competition that has taken action and is being found by customers who hire them. That’s the purpose of SEO and what a SEO Company can do for you.

According to The National Law Review, the internet is the number one method to find an attorney. Of those who search online, 88% will click the first listing of a Google Search Engine Results Page. 87% of people who contact an attorney ultimately hire an attorney. 72% of them only contact one attorney.

So, can they find you? Let Diamond R Creative help you answer that question.

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San Antonio SEO Anywhere. Anytime.

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You may have a great website, but it is incumbent upon you to tell Google and Bing that your website is great. And that’s what we do.

Anywhere. Anytime.

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That’s the great thing about marketing on the internet. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your website is always working for you.

How well is it working? This is where we can assist you. Diamond R Creative ensures your website is always working hard for you by maximizing your law firm’s visibility, reach and website effectiveness.

It takes highly competent and extremely organized people to ascertain accurate data. It takes creative people to use that data and turn it into a website that converts visitors into clients. We do both.

 We provide On-Page and Off-Page Optimization to improve your law firms search engine rankings. This includes, but is not limited to, Search Engine Optimization, Website Auditing and Analysis, SEO Monitoring, Local SEO, Keyword Research, Website Content, Website Design, Website Hosting, Mobile Website Optimization, Link Building, Social Media, Local SEO, Directory Listings and the efficient synergy of all these elements.

We realize it is imperative your law firm receive the most bang for your buck. Limited resources or focused initiatives require straightforward holistic solutions that provide optimized ROI. This is what all business objectives should accomplish. This is what Diamond R Creative can do for you. And for starters…

Free Website Hosting!

Free Unlimited Email!

Free Domain Name!

Contact Diamond R Creative today to claim your deal!

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Why is SEO so important?
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What is SEO?
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Free Website Hosting
YES! It’s true! Free Website Hosting, Domain Name, Unlimited Email, and Free Maintenance.
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Free SEO Tips
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the method of improving your online visibility and effectiveness by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website via organic unpaid search engine results.

The entire purpose of SEO, like all marketing, is to get your law firm more clients and improve your bottom line!

For more in-depth information on What is SEO, go to our
What is SEO page.

Absolutely! We provide free web hosting, a free domain name, free unlimited email & addresses, and free website maintenance for one year to all new clients who contract with Diamond R Creative.

If you depend on new clients to create revenue for your law firm, then yes.

Being that most people find a lawyer via the internet and SEO creates the greatest ROI for any marketing effort, it is the best method to utilize for increasing your bottom line. SEO is now the industry standard for any business wishing to gain clients.

The entire world pretty much uses and trusts Google search results for products and services. Because 80%-95% people who are interested in purchasing your products or services will not look beyond page one, using SEO to optimize your website and getting to page one of Google guarantees the lion’s share of traffic.

Basically, if you cannot get to page one, the vast majority of all potential clients in the world, locally as well, will never find your website to contact you.

Keep in mind, solid SEO efforts can only bring potential clients to your door. You must also have an appealing website that captures searchers attention and be able to close them as well.

Think of the old cowboy movies. Good guys wore the white hats and the bad guys wore the black hats.

White hat SEO improves search performance in search engine results pages (SERPs) while strictly following the terms and conditions of Google search engine rules and guidelines. It also tries to create friendly and useful user experiences.

Black hat SEO doesn’t adhere to the terms and conditions of Google search engine rules and guidelines and/or tries to manipulate Google algorithms to get high rankings and traffic volume. The problem with this is, as soon as Google finds out, all your work is lost, You can completely disappear from rankings, and even get your website banned from Google.

This is why Diamond R Creative will ONLY employ white hat SEO methods.

No. No one can guarantee first place rankings. While it is entirely possible, there is no guarantee. Why? Because Google Search Algorithm’s (200+ at last count) determine where websites get ranked. This is their proprietary software that determines rankings. It is a highly guarded secret and no one knows it except Google. Equally the same for Bing and other search engines.
Typically, it takes a couple months to see true and lasting SEO results. It’s not only what you do to your website but how it compares against the competition in your industry.

A great thing about SEO is that you will continue to reap the benefits of traffic & conversions well after the SEO Process is completed and you’re not paying an agency to update your website.

We focus mainly on Google as it has an 88% market share of search in the USA for the past couple years. Over 92% worldwide. Plus, the majority of Google SEO efforts will apply to Bing and Yahoo search engines. However, we do submit & index your website on Bing and Yahoo and claim your business listing in their online directories. We also make use of their Webmaster tools to aid in SEO efforts. Unless there is an obvious advantage to do so, the ROI is generally not there to pursue specific search engine optimizations on other search engines.

Organic traffic is web traffic to your website from search engine results. It is considered “organic” because it is created naturally via search results and not paid for or solicited through other websites. Organic traffic accounts for 85%-90% of total clickthroughs on a search engine results page and is directly related to SEO efforts.

There are other types of traffic:

Referral Traffic – traffic that goes to your website via social media sites or blogs that list your website.

Direct Traffic – traffic to your website from people who directly enter the URL ( into the browser search bar.

Paid Traffic – traffic from advertising or paid promotion on search engines, social media sites like Facebook ads, remarketing and Google Display Ads, affiliate networks, and so on.

Absolutely! We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas but work with clients all over the world. Performing SEO services, or website design services, can be performed from any location and doesn’t require onsite visits. Consultations and meetings are typically accomplished via telephone and email.

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Top Website Ranking Signals

These vital elements need to be optimized to improve your online presence and ability to attract new clients. All of these are included in every Diamond R Creative SEO Services project.

Local SEO

If you depend on acquiring clients in your local area, Local SEO is a crucial element in your overall law firm marketing strategy.

Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile is quickly becoming the future of Search. Ensure your website is optimized for mobile searches.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation to SEO success for creating optimized content and providing relevancy to your website.

Page Speed

Page Speed is a critical ranking algorithm held in high regard by search engines. Not maximizing this ranking signal can severely impede your website ranking success.

Link Building

Link Building has been a top ranking signal since the beginning of SEO, and remains as such. This method can put you squarely above the competition.

Directory Listings

Directory Listings will increase your reputation & credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Listings in proper Directories signals the authenticity of your law firm.

Social Media Optimization

Social media is an integral extension of your online web presence and legal marketing strategy. If leveraged properly, it can provide competitive advantages.

Website Content

Website Content provides relevancy to search engines. More importantly, it is what converts web visitors into clients.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO covers the technical and functional elements of your law firm’s website marketing to improve it’s search engine rankings.

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The team at Diamond R Creative consists of designers, marketers, programmers and writers from various industries. We draw from large palette of experiences that can support any endeavor you have in mind.

As a Veteran-led SEO company, we believe in your mission and vision, and work solely to accomplish your success. We sincerely thank our clients who have entrusted us with their online success and look forward to proving ourselves to the clients we have not yet met.


ALWAYS feel free to ask any questions even if it is not SEO related. We are here to help!

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