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Directory Listings (also known as Citations) is an essential requirement for marketing your law firm online. The most obvious reason to be listed in directories is to be found by potential customers. While this is true, the answer goes much deeper: Directory Listings serve multiple purposes.

The aforementioned is one purpose but it also supports SEO efforts. Being listed in multiple diverse directories sends signals to everyone involved that your law firm’s website is a known entity. This builds credibility.

By having a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) for your law firm’s online presence, it reinforces Local SEO by supporting Google to normalize your data from multiple points on the internet. By not having a consistent NAP, you will confuse search engines and diminish, or even negate, this SEO benefit.

There’s also the simple reason of keeping up with Jones’s. Wherever your competition is listed, you should be listed as well. Unless it’s a bad link neighborhood. Diamond R Creative monitors link neighborhoods and every law firm’s Link Profile for all our clients as part of our standard services. We won’t let those pesky Jones’s get over on you!

Another good reason is to increase the links back to your website (backlinks) which are valuable and increases the link diversity of your Link Profile. This is a very positive thing when you are listed in top-tier directories that have superior Link Quality. Some of the typical, and mandatory, legal directories to list your law firm are Justia, Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, and FindLaw.

Be careful! Getting listed into some directories can cause negative effects to your rankings. This occurs when the directory where your law firm is listed is considered spammy or untrustworthy by search engines. Not that you made any intention to be associated with spammy or questionable directories. How could you know? Well, that’s where we come in. Diamond R Creative knows the must-have directories, the standard directories, and the ones to avoid. It’s what we do!

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