Free SEO Tips

Free SEO Tips

Here are some free SEO tips we’d like to share with you. They are not in-depth, earth-shattering strategies but just simple tips that can help you better focus your marketing and give you a little lift.

Your Market

Let me begin with giving you some of the best advice that can actually help you – investigate your thriving competition and see what makes them successful. If you remember being told the joke about two friends being chased by a bear, the same applies here: you don’t have to be the fastest in the world, just faster than your competition.

Social Media

Not important? There are 100’s of millions of people, mainly millennial s, just on the major social platforms. Where do you think your future business will be derived? For detailed information that can change your mind, check out Diamond R Creative Social Media or our Why SEO page.

Claim your social media pages for greater web presence and visibility. You don’t have to use them or consistently update them. First, just claim them and ensure the company information is accurate and consistent for all platforms. After this, add some social media buttons to your website and email signature to improve your Link Profile.

For more info on Social Media and SEO, take a look at our Social Media SEO page.

Website Design

  • Professional layout and design – The professional look and feel of a useful website builds trust.
  • Clean and organized layout – Avoid the clutter and confusion of excessive content and options. You have 3-7 seconds for users to decide to stay or leave. Have an intuitive road map where potential customers end up contacting you.
  • Contact Information – Contact info is mandatory for businesses. As the boss always says, “It’s our job to remove all obstacles between the customer’s wallet and our bank account!”
  • Clear Navigation – Don’t make it difficult for users to find what they want. Use a simple menu and add a sitemap.
  • Social Media Integration – This is standard usage nowadays and supports your online marketing.
  • Mobile Website – Smartphones and other Mobile Devices will overtake desktop searches. Be found by users looking for you!
  • FAQ – There are probably 10 questions you get asked by every potential client. Have these answered eloquently in your FAQ and you are: 1) that much closer to being hired 2) shows you know what your talking about 3) qualifies a lead 4) informs prospect of any negative issues rather than springing it on them during your smooth close. 🙂
  • Good Hosting – Whoever oversees your website, make sure it is hosted by a known hosting company. Period.
  • Proper Content – When someone navigates to your website there should be no confusion as to what they will find. The content should be useful to the user and reflect your offering and image.
  • About Us page – After the Home page, this is the 2nd most visited page on a law firm’s website.
  • Call To Action (CTA) – Tell the customer what to do. “Enter your info and tell us how we can help!” That’s what your clients need. Help. So let’s give it to them!
  • Security – If you have subscribers or take payments online, do not skimp on security. In your profession, I’m sure you are more than aware of the legal ramifications.
  • Directory Listings – Whether you know it or not, these are very important. It is imperative that these are accurate and the information is exactly the same for each business and professional directory.

For more info on Website Design and SEO, take a look at our Law Firm Website Design Services page.

Reputation Management

Here’s a neat thing: Google Alerts. You can set up an alert for any word or phrase (like your company name or news topics or people) and an email will be sent to you when it is mentioned on the web. This helps you to stay abreast of any mentions about you or your concerns. Now, how do you overcome negative discussions? That’s Diamond R Creative’s job!

Press Releases for SEO Purposes

Send press releases to your local newspapers. They like to feature news from local businesses, and if your press release is newsworthy, they’re usually happy to syndicate it so have a website link or two in the original press release.

Law Firm Office

Offer free WIFI in your office. It is so ubiquitous in other establishments that doing so makes you appear tech savvy and on par with other top-end firms as opposed to staid and out of touch entities. Besides, customers are more accepting of tardiness when they are allowed to check their mail and play their games! Just make sure a competent company sets it up and ensures your network is safe. This is not an overly difficult task but needs to be done correctly. We highly recommend professional companies handling this service.

Lastly, be yourself or the person you claim to be. Nothing is more disingenuous than promoting a false image. Marketing-wise, it creates the worst obstacle to overcome: negative word of mouth. Even large corporations fear this because it is something not even money can reverse.

If there’s anything else you may think of or would like to share, please feel free to send to us your Free SEO Tips and we will include applicable advice. Or just Google ‘Free SEO Tips’ and you will have no problem finding a bunch of tips and advice you can implement on your own. We thank you for dropping by and are always at your service!