Free Domain, Web Hosting and unlimited email | Diamond R Creative

YES! It’s true! Free Website Hosting, Free Domain Name, Free Unlimited Email, and Free Maintenance for clients who contract with Diamond R Creative.

Diamond R Creative will provide your law firm with FREE Website Hosting, a Domain Name, unlimited Email, and Website Maintenance for clients who have contracted with us. If you currently have a website we can transfer it without issue. We use a nationally known hosting company that provides these services for millions of customers and have all the latest security measures and attributes that you may need. The great part is, you don’t need to call them. That’s our job. We want you to know that you are in business with a trustworthy professional company who cares about your business as much as you do!

And if you would like to view the internal workings of your website, pages, and peripheral services, your law firm will have its own log in screen and C-Panel to do so. If you’re wondering who we use for our hosting service its iPage. Go and check out iPage web hosting here. You’ll see it is a large and highly trusted web hosting and domain name service provider. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just good and reliable services for what you need. 99.9% uptime for your law firm website, meaning, it will always be available on the Internet.

If you have concerns about our free website hosting, by all means research iPage. As one of Google’s main website ranking factors, speed is a very important when choosing a web host. Go to the speed test to compare any web hosting company. You’ll see that iPage will ranks at the top.

In addition, you will always maintain ownership of your website, domain name, passwords, and content. While we would love for your stay with Diamond R Creative forever, we understand that needs and requirements change. At the end of a contract, we will gladly transfer your domain, all your pages and media as directed by your law firm.

Why be so nice? Because customer satisfaction is ingrained in our DNA! We genuinely care about your happiness and success and this is reflected in any dealings with Diamond R Creative. We know our success is directly related to your satisfaction and our aim is to completely satisfy you.

For any questions about our free offer, please contact us via our Contact Page.

However, if you feel you can build and host your own website and deal directly with your website hosting service, more power to you! Go for it! It’s not overly difficult to get a website up and running. The difficulty, or should I say the science, comes with knowing what all is available, choosing what is best suited to your industry, when to use it, and accurately applying SEO strategies and techniques for marketing purposes and ensuring your website is working for you. This can be akin to paying a ticket. Sure, I can defend myself or simply pay the ticket but a good lawyer knows how to get it dismissed! Same concept. We’ll be here for any SEO services you may need.