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According to a lot of SEO agencies, Diamond R Creative included, Keyword Research is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Regardless of your philosophy, Keyword Research is vital to your law firm’s websites success. It provides the basis of producing content that is relevant to your audience. In addition to increasing website traffic, meticulous Keyword Research will attract qualified traffic every law firm is looking to retain – those looking to purchase your legal services today.

On the most basic level, Keyword Research determines what words people use to search for your services or products offered on your website. Research will identify these words and help you determine which are best utilized to maximize traffic that may make purchases.

The following, in general terms, is an overview of the process.

Keyword Brainstorming

Keyword Research begins with you and your team brainstorming about your business and answering some relatively basic questions:

  • What services do you offer?
  • What are your business objectives?
  • What would search for to find what your website offers?
  • What would other users search for?
  • What industries are you in?
  • What practice areas do you serve?
  • What client services do you offer?
  • What search terms people use to find client services?

And so forth, until you have covered all of your law firm’s offerings with a thorough list of terms for each. The list can include a variety of words or phrases that are worded & reworded in many variations.

There are tools available for your use to help with this task such as Google TrendsÜbersuggest, and Soovle.

Keyword Map

These keywords & phrases will then be used to create a keyword map. Write down every page in your website and add these terms to the page they belong. You may find out your website is missing some pages! No problem – part of the process.

Keyword Commercial Intent

There are words and phrases that denote the intent of internet searchers looking for products and services.

  • Buy Now Keywords – Coupon, Discount, Deal, Buy Now
  • Product Keywords – Top 5, Best, Best, brand names, product category
  • Informational Keywords – How to, Best way to
  • Tire Kicker Keywords – For Free, Download Free, Free
  • Navigational Keywords – Where is, Location

Now, you can begin to analyze your keywords and start reducing your list. Buy Now and Product Keywords are the types of phrasing you want to research.

Keyword Difficulty

The next step requires some skill and/or knowledge. You will need to find software to analyze searches on the internet. The most commonly used is Google Search Console and it’s free. It is even more powerful when combined with Google Analytics. Your law firm can also purchase or lease SEO software to accomplish this activity. Some of the most notable are MOZ Pro, SEO Powersuite, SEMRush, Bing Webmaster Toolsahrefs, and SEOBook. There is a knowledge curve but you can find plenty of guides to get you through it. Here’s an excellent review of the best Keyword Research Tools by Authority Hacker.

What these SEO Keyword Tools do is help you identify which keywords get the most searches and how much competition exists for them. Obviously, a lot of searches for something with low competition is best.

Some of these SEO Tools will also help you determine what keywords your direct competition employs. Both facets are important in that you must consider what words are feasible in terms of competition against all other competing websites using the same terms and finding out how and why your competition is succeeding.

This where you will make decisions about your final list by determining if the effort and resources required to rank well for a keyword is worth it. Some keywords are just incredibly challenging to rank for like “mesothelioma lawyer.”

After evaluating your list against the new data, you can, again, pare down your list to the most efficient or viable keywords that have the least keyword difficulty or most viable possibility to improve your rankings. Generally, you will have 1-2 keywords or keyword phrases per page.

Verify Keywords

Make sure your keywords mean what you think they mean. Search them and see what results you get. Are the results similar or related to your services? If you do well, this is where your keywords will take you so make sure it is where you want to be found.

Monitor Keywords

It is necessary to monitor your rankings on a regular basis. The internet is always in flux so changes may occur that can affect your positioning. It’s always good practice to check them at regular intervals to see how your efforts are paying off and to investigate how you may further the success of these efforts.

Local SEO in Keyword Research

Don’t forget to add words that signify your location! Adding words to your website code elements, and within website copy and content, will help your law firm to get ahead on local search. Which is probably the most relevant concern in attracting clients to your law firm.

Again, this is a basic overview of Keyword Research. The methodology may vary from person-to-person but the principles remain the same. And although it is a very involved process, the results can garner the greatest qualified clients. Ultimately, you must understand what keywords bring traffic to your site in order to create content that attracts the potential customers you are trying to acquire.

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