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There are several obstacles you must overcome in order to have a successful marketing campaign. While campaigns can be ultra-complex to very straightforward, each contains some of the same minimum requirements. Listed below are some of the most important requirements briefly stated.

  1. Have a clear vision of where you want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years. In order to achieve goals, you must set them. This will give direction to your law firm’s efforts and keep everyone working in the same direction. Don’t worry! These goals are not set in stone and can be updated as milestones are achieved or situations change
  2. Determine your target market. Who is your garden variety customer? This doesn’t have to be an intensive research effort to discover this information. It is an exercise to find out the characteristics of the clientele you wish to attract. Who do you wish to represent? I’m sure you already have an idea of where you lie in your practice area niche. Do you want to make a change in the type of clients you represent or do you simply wish to increase volume? Determining the target market will help us understand many questions and the direction of your legal marketing.
  3. Determine your unique selling proposition. You have to tell and sell customers why to hire you as their lawyer. What benefit do they receive from hiring you? A simple example would be: Hire me because we care about our clients’ success; our prices are affordable; we are trustworthy; or some mixture of benefits. The marketing message must be crafted with the target market in mind, speaking directly to them, in order to get their attention utilizing your unique selling proposition. Doing this exercise will serve two vital functions:
    1. It will create a proposition strong enough to attract potential customers
    2. It will differentiate you from your competition.

All of the above MUST be quantifiable utilizing straightforward procedures that can calculate your ROI for each strategy. Without determining what is effective and what is not, you are simply throwing away money. You cannot make good business decisions without knowing what works for your law firm.

Here’s a very simplified example:

You spend $10K annually, spread evenly over three different marketing strategies and getting a return of $30K. Each strategy should earn your law firm $10K. If one is earning $5K, that means the other two are making $25K! Knowing this, you could phase out the lower performing strategy and increase performance of the two winning strategies or adopt a new strategy.

Please understand this is just a very crude example. The important point is, your law firm MUST implement metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your legal marketing performance. Otherwise, how do you know your marketing agency is performing for you?

Keep in mind, the overarching concern for all these factors, as well as the entire objective for a legal marketing campaign, is your conversion rate: converting interested prospects into paying clients. Within this vein, Diamond R Creative exists to support your law firm by taking a lot of the mystery and guesswork out of creating a website and executing marketing tasks. As we all should do with business, we have standardized the approach to legal marketing, SEO, and website design to systematically produce and measure quality work. Addressing and optimizing these functions help to ensure positive user experiences for potential customers and increase the likelihood of their return if not initial contact.

After deciding on and fine-tuning a marketing message, the quality work we provide ensures that you are found by these targeted potential customers. We do so by creating graphics and websites that is intuitive and accessible for users, compliant with 508 standards, supports your message, easily navigable, and highly optimized via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in tandem with other marketing strategies (newsletters, blogs, social media, RSS Feeds, etc.) to get the message in front of your potential customers. This is standard operations for a typical successful law firm.

It’s understood that a lot of law firms, and many businesses in many industries, don’t understand the importance of SEO and the efforts behind it. The reason SEO is vital to your law firm is that it is the current foundation of how the majority of law firms are found and contacted. A large majority of the population find businesses these days is via the internet. Even more so, their Smartphones. It is imperative you can be found easily and before your competition. How is this accomplished? SEO. Please see my SEO Service page for a more in-depth explanation.

Quick example: Google your practice area, the word lawyer, and your zip code (e.g., DUI Lawyer 78205). You see all your competition listed first? You know why? They hire firms like Diamond R Creative to perform SEO for their law firms and create entire legal marketing campaigns. The ones at the top that have a symbol next to them reading “Ad” are firms that have paid for ads. This is expensive. That’s okay because most people skip that section and go to the naturally occurring listings (a.k.a. ‘organic listings’). This is where you want to be. This is what SEO can do for you.

People who need legal advice now or in the future will need a smart, savvy person who is on top of their game and offers a unique blend of experience, accessibility, trust and capabilities that clearly meet the clients’ requirements. The way people are finding them and deciding who to give their business to is through the internet. So this “first” impression may be the only chance for new business. Make it a good one so you can have the opportunity of being considered. Make sure you are found by potential customers.

Next, given that you are found and the potential client likes what he or she sees, you must remain equally aware of your conversion rate. These are the KPI’s that will drive your marketing success. Learning where you gain new customers and what efforts are underperforming gives us clues to where we need to tweak, expand, fix, or discontinue. It will also help to identify who your best clients are and where they are coming from.

All these important metrics and tracking are a standardized service provided Diamond R Creative. We have the analytics for your legal marketing campaign:

Most importantly – ROI Organic Ranking Keyword Ranking
Most visited website pages Traffic Analytics Local Search Ranking
Click analytics for website Click analytics for newsletters Click Analytics for blogs
Search Traffic Mobile traffic Referral Traffic
Page views Impressions Direct Navigation
Usability Analytics Engagement Analytics Bounce Rates
Off-page optimization On-page optimization Click-Through Rate

And it goes on… Yes, we LOVE statistics at Diamond R Creative! And based on your requirements, you will get a monthly report to illustrate the areas of improvement and those that need attention in your legal marketing efforts. Our job at Diamond R Creative is to improve your ROI via marketing efforts. All of our actions serve your law firm’s financial interests. Our reputation depends on it!


As a bonus, Diamond R Creative offers Free web hosting, domain, maintenance and unlimited email to keep all your online activities under one roof!