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Your Link Profile, or Link Portfolio, is the summation of all the internet links to your website, from your website to other places, and the links that navigate between the pages of your website. The Link Profile is a VERY significant SEO factor for increasing your rankings in search engines. Many say the most important.

The way to improve your Link Profile is through link building. But before beginning any link building exercises, we must first understand what makes a good link to build a good Link Profile. Within the Link Profile itself, there are several factors that create its overall value. These are:

Link QualityLink Neighborhood
Link QuantityLink Freshness

To begin, let me start with a very simple analogy. Your Link Profile can be seen as someone walking down a street named DUI Attorney and noticing other persons mentioning your firm. If ten people mention you and only one person mentions your competition, when you ask your assistant (Google) to recommend a DUI Attorney, it will give you the most relevant answer. On DUI Attorney Street, it is your firm. Of course, it is much more involved than that because all firms know this and therefore hire agencies like Diamond R Creative to make sure more people are talking about them.

Link Quality

The next level of this would be “who” is mentioning your firm. This is another important factor in that certain websites have more clout and importance and therefore higher link quality. For example, it is better to be mentioned by a national news organization than a small town gazette. Don’t get me wrong, every mention is important and adds up. But the more mentions by authoritative entities provide you with more of a boost in relevance. That is why it is equally important to be listed, correctly and consistently, in professional and business directories, social media, and so on. These are some of the easiest links to garner that support your link building tactics.

Link Neighborhood

On the flip side of the coin, you have to regularly monitor your Link Profile to ensure you are not being associated with spam or even spammy looking websites. The location where you link to and where you link from is called your Link Neighborhood and you need to keep it clean. Yes, you can sometimes find yourself lowering in ranking without any change on your part. Sometimes, spam or foreign websites (think Russia, China, scammers, doorway pages etc.) link to you and this could have a detrimental effect. Unless you are regularly monitoring this you would not know it. For instance, someone could put a link into a blog post or comment. Generally blog posts are not seen by search engines but are you sure your blog is not?

Link Quantity

Link Quantity refers to what it implies – the quantity of links you have. This should be done in an organic manner that will naturally grow as your website grows or exists. Keep in mind, quality will always trump quantity when it comes to your Link Profile. It is good to have a lot of links but they can be detrimental if you have spammy or irrelevant links.

Link Freshness

Link Freshness refers the age of the link. In regards to your Link Profile, a link to CNN will not retain the same importance next year. I’m not saying delete the link! I’m saying to continually be link building for your website. This may be why you see a lot of lawyer’s blogging and putting fresh content on their websites. It helps to improve the freshness of their website and links as a whole. Plus it increases link quantity when your law firm is connected to multiple blogs with many readers or blog feeds utilizing your website content. This is a sound strategy and a common one for agencies like Diamond R Creative.

All of these facets work hand-in-hand to help create a healthy Link Profile for your law firm. It is part of the SEO effort called Link Building and is a standard SEO task Diamond R Creative performs for all our clients. We can help you get and stay healthy with ongoing link building and monitoring.

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