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Clients are looking for an expert to solve their problems and will most likely choose a law firm with a robust attorney website that is dedicated to their issue and captures trust. Diamond R Creative designs high-performance and responsive attorney websites programmed with structured code to ensure maximum visibility on search engines. We know that your law firm website design is not just a virtual business card but a tool to increase your bottom-line. As always, we are thinking ROI in everything we do. Our websites effortlessly engage people so that potential customers easily transition into paying clients. This is what your website should do for you. And, for it to do so, your law firm’s website design is the first and most crucial step into garnering online success.

Let Diamond R Creative help you convert online leads into clients!

75% of people base company credibility on website design

To aptly build and integrate systems, one must be acutely aware of the total intention of the proposed solution, the knowledge to intelligently create it, and the environment for which it is to live and support your objectives. At Diamond R Creative, we accomplish this by following simple 3-step method:

  1. We get to know your company by understanding your business processes, goals, and capabilities;
  2. We research industry best practices that relate to your specific requirement;
  3. We follow a phased, systematic and repeatable process to ensure that the quality of our work and the outcome of the project meet your expectations.

Utilizing a collaborative design approach in order to brand your vision correctly and to attract the clientele you are targeting, we create a website design for your law firm based on project management principles comprised of defined, repeatable processes so that all tasks can be consistently tracked, completed on time, and remain within budget. Basically, to give you what you asked for!

Whether you decide to do it yourself, go with Diamond R Creative or another San Antonio agency, your website should contain the following at a minimum

Top 9 Elements of Law Firm Website Design

Mobile Friendly & Responsive IconMobile Friendly & Responsive
Websites should alter & scale to any device.
User-Friendly Navigation IconUser-Friendly Navigation
Content presented in straightforward method.
Clean Web Design IconClean Web Design
Visually pleasing web design with no clutter.
Call To Action IconCall-To-Action
Highly visible CTAs containing Value Proposition.
Contact Info IconContact Info
Contact info & forms throughout website.
Professional Images IconProfessional Images
Attorney pics that exude confidence and trust.
Optimized Website – SEO IconOptimized Website – SEO
No point in having a website that can’t be found.
Fast Loading Pages IconFast Loading Pages
People do not wait for slow websites.
Browser Compatibility IconBrowser Compatibility
Law firm website should work on all browsers.


As a bonus, Diamond R Creative offers Free web hosting, domain, maintenance and unlimited email to keep all your online activities under one roof!

Free Website Hosting!    Free Unlimited Email!    Free Domain Name!

Contact Diamond R Creative today to claim your deal!


San Antonio Law Firm Website Design FAQ

“What is mobile-friendly web design?” 
Mobile-friendly web design means your desktop website is readily accessible and displays accurately across all platforms, especially smartphones and tablets. As the majority of people use smartphones and tablets to search for services and find local businesses, it is a main concern when designing websites.

“Do you provide images for free?”
Yes. We provide images for free and will incorporate any other images you wish to include. All images are optimized for your website. Meaning, the size of the image file is reduced and dimensions tailored to specifications to keep your website pages loading fast while retaining excellent quality.

“Will I own my website?”
Yes. 100%.

“Does Diamond R Creative provide web hosting services?”
Yes. We provide hosting as a reseller through a major web hosting company. Why is this a good thing? Because when it is time to renew hosting, the price will remain constant and cost you substantially less on an annual basis. Most web hosting companies charge you $1 per month for 12 months to get you to sign up. However, after a year, the price can jump to $10 per month thereafter. Not with us. We even offer free web hosting with our SEO services!

“How do I know what I don’t know?”
Because we’ll tell you! 🙂 We will create a plan together, explaining all the various concerns and strategies, and then execute it. We are highly transparent and always available to answer any questions. Even after the job is completed we are available to discuss any issues you may have.

“Is Custom Website Design better?”
Absolutely. The most pertinent reason is when users (a.k.a. potential clients) look to hire you, your law firm’s website is the first impression they get about you. If you do not have a polished web design, like your competition, they assume you will represent them with the same regard.

On a technical level, the answer is also yes. Most websites come with a lot of extras (a.k.a. bloat) that is not needed. It is provided “in case” you may want it so that the theme appeals to a wide audience. However, if the extras you don’t want are not removed or optimized, the excess will devastate website performance and make it function in a manner that is not user friendly.

“Do you redesign existing websites?”
Yes. All work begins with an audit of where your law firm’s web design currently stands on it’s own and compared to your industry standards. Basically, what works and what can be better. From incorporating new ideas & technology to a completely fresh new look, we will collaborate with you on the new(er) vision and determine the next best steps.

“Can you customize an existing theme?”
Absolutely. All themes require some kind of tweaking. Since they are built to serve the general public, there are a variety of utilities not required by every web design. Therefore, we update, remove, or add items to fit your needs.

“Do you only do law firm website design?”
No. We also perform SEO services & web hosting for law firms and other industries outside of law firm marketing.

“You’re in San Antonio, do you support law firms outside of San Antonio?”
Absolutely. We are headquartered in San Antonio, TX but work with clients all over the world. Performing web design services, or SEO services, doesn’t require in-person consultation so it is most commonly accomplished via telephone and email.

Law Firm Website Design Process

There are 5 phases in the law firm website design process that ensures everyone retains the same vision throughout the project and the integrity of the scope is maintained.

Each step requires approval from you in order to proceed to the next step.

Diamond R Creative Law Firm Website Design Process Image | San Antonio SEO ServicesDefine
We have a detailed consultation to capture your vision, brand, ideal target client, practice areas, competition, and the look and feel you are after.  This section of the web design process ensures your website is consistent with your marketing objectives and goals.

Using information from the Definition phase, we build several website designs for you to approve. This design can match your current marketing efforts or be a complete redesign for a new approach. Each will contain a sophisticated, clean web design that communicates your law firm’s strengths and appeals to your target market,

Upon approval of the web design, we build a responsive website that will optimize the display across multiple platforms and devices, incorporate functional requirements, add relevant keyword-rich content and images, integrate on-page SEO elements, and present it to you for approval.

After Development is approved, we go live with your website, set up statistical tracking and analysis, and confirm positive performance.

This last stage is monitoring the website to ensure it is optimally functioning and doing its job – getting you clients! We continue to perform requisite SEO tasks and monitor performance to see where we can improve or “tweak” performance for better results.

And the depth of your involvement is up to you. You can ask us to go make something that rocks and we’ll get on it! We like to rock!

Don’t worry! If you have a great idea after we launch, we can always add to or update your website. ALL OF US have had great ideas after a project is completed and it’s a very common occurrence in web design. Or any creative process, for that matter. Most important is your satisfaction.


In addition to using an iterative web design process to create your vision, all website designs include:

100% Client Owned

Fully Customized

User-Friendly Layouts

Easy Navigation

Responsive Website Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Custom Contact Forms

Webmaster Tools Integration

Google & Bing Maps Integration

Search Engine Friendly

Scalability for Growth

Automated Backups

Cross Browser Compatibility

Apple and Android Compatibility

Social Media Integration

Free Optimized Images

SEO Optimized

Obvious Calls To Action  (CTAs)



Law Firm Website Design Time

Depending on your requirements, your website can be up and running in a day or it could take weeks. I know this does not help to answer the question but from a general web design standpoint, one size does not fit all. A typical time frame is 30 days.

Keep in mind, there are many variables that go into building a website which can severely affect the website development timeline.

  • Decisiveness – Does the client know what they want? Having many meetings and phone calls to decide preferred options, colors, themes, etc. can push web development out for weeks. It’s not a problem, and you should be and feel confident about your web design, but it will extend the completion date.
  • Availability – Is the client responding immediately to calls and emails? If web designers have to wait a day for a response to every question, this can substantially push back scheduled completion dates.
  • Logo – Do you have a logo already designed? Completely aside form the website, determining and deciding on an excellent logo to represent your law firm requires sincere thought and creativity.
  • 3rd Party Software – Will other software be interacting with your website? Adding payment portals, client log-in areas, demo areas, eCommerce stores, etc. all require more time to integrate and a higher-level of technical expertise.
  • Web pages – Is it a standard 25-50 page website or 100-1,000 page website? Creating the space, images, optimization, and smooth inner-workings of large websites requires solid technical efforts and time to integrate & test. Especially, if new content is required.

These are just a few examples of timing issues that are commonly encountered in the website design process. Conversely, the same issues can drastically reduce web design time & price if a client has all this information mapped out ahead of time. That’s why you’ll see a lot of “it depends” answers to this question. Until your web designer has answers to all the relevant questions, they really can’t be too specific.

With all that in mind, Diamond R Creative understands that life can happen at different rates for people. Some people need websites made yesterday and we can accommodate those in need. We’ve been there too!

Law Firm Website Design Pricing

Okay… don’t hate us but: Depending on your requirements, the price may vary greatly.

Much like in Website Design Time, those same issues, and many more, can drive up the price of your law firm’s website design.

  • How many websites?
  • Do they need to be associated?
  • Do you need it yesterday?
  • Is there any proprietary or 3rd software utilized by your law firm’s website?
  • A variety of databases?
  • Client login areas?
  • Payment portals & merchant services?
  • Thousands of pages & images?
  • New content to be created?
  • One-off technical design or specifications?
  • Web hosting?
  • Extended link building services?
  • SEO services?

And so on. It really just depends on what you need. But to give you a reference point, Diamond R Creative website designs begin at $500.

Please know, we work with people on budgets and sincerely appreciate getting the most bang for your buck. You will ALWAYS receive the same quality of work regardless of the cost of service. We are here to help. Please send us your web design requirements and we will be in touch shortly.

Website Design Company | San Antonio, Texas

You may have a great website, but it is incumbent upon you to tell Google and Bing that your website is great. And that’s what we do.

One of the first couple things you will notice when you contact Diamond R Creative is an openness to your ideas & concerns, and a dire need to see you succeed. When we take on a project, we dedicate ourselves completely to your satisfaction and success. As a San Antonio Law Firm Website Design company, we look forward to making you happy and successful!

Please contact our San Antonio office today to discuss how we may support your law firm’s online objectives. Call us at (210) 387-0251 or fill out the form below.


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