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The most common concern for law firms is capturing new clients. This is the lifeblood of businesses. We all know this.

To that end, online marketing has become the leading method to accomplishing this effort. One of the main metrics for determining marketing and SEO success is garnering high website search rankings. And it does serve a purpose:

88% of people who have searched for anything click on the first search result.

Imagine if 88% of all people looking for your services went to your website and contacted you? Imagine how much higher your revenues would be.

Search Engine Optimization not only increases sales, it increases trust and reliability in your brand. Where expenditures in traditional marketing strategies provide linear returns, SEO creates returns exponentially. The results are lasting.

Your marketing spend decreases as your web traffic continues to increase ROI

It is working for you 24/7/365 whenever a consumer is considering your services. And let’s face it, when people need a lawyer, they are ready to buy NOW. Make sure they can find you, first, when they are ready buy.

    • 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.
    • 74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via phone.
    • 87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney.
    • 72% of them only contact one attorney.

What is included in your SEO Package

Diamond R Creative offers complete solutions for your SEO needs. While certain factors or client needs may vary, the practice of SEO is carried out in a thorough and phase-gated methodology to ensure all bases are covered and there are no outstanding issues. See our SEO Process below.

  • Client Discovery – Collect your business information and determine business objectives
  • Local SEO – Creation and inclusion of all Local SEO methods into website
  • Keywords (Unlimited) – Research and tracking
  • Content Creation – Web Copy (Homepage, About, Contact, Practice Areas, Necessary additions), Free Images, CTAs)
  • Website Design – Creation or re-creation of website, if necessary
  • On-Page Website Optimization – Complete technical & marketing optimization of website
  • Off-Page Optimization – Link Building & Analysis, Professional & Business Profiles, Directory Listings, and Social Media
  • SEO Audits – Technical & Competitive Performance Reviews
  • SEO Reports – Monthly detailed Status Reports of website’s technical and market performance
  • Updates & Improvements – Updates to SEO strategy as dictated by performance

For more in-depth information regarding our professional SEO services coverage, please see this overview. Naturally, exceptions do arise, as each website is in different states of existence, and we can accommodate your specific needs.


As a bonus, Diamond R Creative offers Free hosting, domain, maintenance and unlimited email to keep all your online activities under one roof!

Free Website Hosting!  Free Unlimited Email!  Free Domain Name!

Contact Diamond R Creative today to claim your deal!

Value of SEO Benefits for your Law Firm

We know you hear a lot of buzzwords about the benefits of SEO services that sound important. Below, we created a chart that explains how these benefits provide value.

Value of SEO Benefits for your Law Firm Chart image | San Antonio SEO Services

That’s why law firms hire SEO firms like Diamond R Creative. To improve their online visibility and search rankings in order to improve their revenues. We understand that the entire reason for hiring us is to increase your revenues and that’s what we strive to do!

Law Firm SEO Expert | San Antonio SEO Company

You may have a great website, but it is incumbent upon you to tell Google and Bing that your website is great. And that’s what we do.

We realize that Search Engine Optimization services have become vital to increase online visibility and local search rankings to capture clients. So has the choices to hire a San Antonio SEO Agency for law firm SEO services.

At Diamond R Creative, we work with clients throughout the US to create their vision. We take your concepts and develop a feasible law marketing strategy that focuses on the target market you desire. We know not all clients are equal and neither should your strategy be to acquire them.

We work collaboratively with you to ensure everyone remains on the same page and working towards the same objectives. Our law firm SEO services builds brands, high-performing websites, web presence, social media campaigns, and dynamic marketing content that converts quality traffic into clients.

Diamond R Creative covers all aspects of your SEO. Some companies may offer SEO services that only consist of content, keyword research and some links. Our SEO services are technically complete and cover all elements of SEO – big and small. In a highly contested industry such as law firm marketing, details matter.

To see what we cover, please review this overview of professional SEO services.

Consider us an extension of your marketing team, your personal law firm SEO expert. We are sincerely invested to successfully execute your vision.

San Antonio SEO Services FAQ

“Do I really need SEO?”
If you depend on new clients to create revenue for your law firm, then yes. Being that most people find a lawyer via the internet and SEO creates the greatest ROI for any marketing effort, it is the best method to utilize for increasing your bottom line. SEO is now the industry standard for any business wishing to gain clients.”Why is SEO or page one of Google so important?”
The entire world pretty much uses and trusts Google search results for products and services. Because 80%-95% people who are interested in purchasing your products or services will not look beyond page one, using SEO to optimize your website and getting to page one of Google guarantees the lion’s share of traffic.Basically, if you cannot get to page one, the vast majority of all potential clients in the world, locally as well, will never find your website to contact you.
Keep in mind, solid SEO efforts can only bring potential clients to your door. You must also have an appealing website that captures searchers attention and be able to close them as well.”How long does SEO take?”
Typically, it takes a couple months to see true and lasting SEO results. It is not only what you do to your website but how it compares against the competition in your industry and this will determine a holistic competitive strategy.A great thing about SEO is that you will continue to reap the benefits of traffic & conversions well after the SEO Process is completed and you’re not paying an agency to update your website.
“Can you guarantee first place rankings?”
No. No one can guarantee first place rankings. While it is entirely possible, there is no guarantee. Why? Because Google Search Algorithm’s (200+ at last count) determine where websites get ranked. This is their proprietary software that determines rankings. It is a highly guarded secret, and no one knows it except Google. Equally the same for Bing and other search engines.”Do you optimize for all Search Engines?”
We focus mainly on Google as it has an 88% market share of search in the USA for the past couple years. Over 92% worldwide. Plus, the majority of Google SEO efforts will apply to Bing and Yahoo search engines. However, we do submit & index your website on Bing and Yahoo and claim your business listing in their online directories. We also make use of their Webmaster tools to aid in SEO efforts. Unless there is an obvious advantage to do so, the ROI is generally not there to pursue specific search engine optimizations on other search engines.”You’re in San Antonio, Tx, do you support law firms outside of San Antonio?”
Absolutely. We are headquartered in San Antonio but work with clients all over the world. Performing web design services, or SEO services, doesn’t require in-person consultation so it is most commonly accomplished via phone and email. However, if preferred, we can meet to discuss your project.

Diamond R Creative SEO Process

Much like our Law Firm Website Design process, Diamond R Creative uses a collaborative and iterative SEO approach based on project management principles comprised of defined, phase gated, repeatable processes so that all tasks can be consistently tracked, completed on time, remain within budget, and provide best outcome efficiently.

Each step requires approval from you in order to proceed to the next step.Diamond R Creative SEO Process Image | San Antonio SEO Services

Local SEO

Local SEO techniques (GMB, Local Link Building, Directory Listings, Maps, geo-specific web copy and images, etc,) are applied in all phases to ensure law firm’s local visibility.

Client Discovery

We discuss your vision, key areas of concern, confirm client information, target market, competition, acquire specific requirements, wish lists, determine business goals & objectives, pain points, and set expectations.

Keyword Research

Conduct strategic keyword research and competitive analysis to identify optimal keywords for law firm’s target market

Content Creation

Create geo-specific, keyword-rich content (web copy, images, videos, CTAs, etc.) to produce a holistic service offering.

Website Design or Redesign

A mobile friendly and responsive law firm website design utilizing our website design process: Define, Design, Develop, Deploy, & Maintain.

On-Page SEO

Holistic Website Optimization that improves all technical website performance and functionality.

Off-Page SEO

Perform Competition Gap Analysis with regards to off-page factors, Link Building, Directory Listings, claim & optimize all business, maps, and social listings, Social Media development, syndication of law firm optimized content, and reviews.

SEO Audit

Perform SEO Audit at the conclusion of every complete optimization phase. This will be a baseline to gauge future strategies and ensure errors are resolved and not created.

SEO Reporting

Monthly SEO Report created to inform about progress, improvements, and areas needing improvement. We recognize what is succeeding and what is under-performing so we can tweak various SEO features for continued improvement.

Update & Improve

We work on a continuous basis to increase your rankings, continue link building efforts, improve user experience, improve content and page performance. We will focus on competition and create a strategy to overtake their positions.

To get a more in-depth and ‘techy’ look at what SEO is comprised of, here is the SEO Periodic Table created by Search Engine Land.

Please Contact Us!

One of the first couple things you will notice when you contact Diamond R Creative is an openness to your ideas & concerns, and a dire need to see you succeed. When we take on a project, we dedicate ourselves completely to your satisfaction and success. As a San Antonio Law Firm SEO company, we look forward to making you happy and successful!

Please contact our San Antonio office today to discuss how we may support your law firm’s online objectives. Call us at (210) 387-0251 or fill out the form below.

To explore even deeper into other facets of Search Engine Optimization, please visit Website Ranking Factors for more information.