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Social media is an integral extension of your legal marketing strategy and SEO efforts. Some people may think of it as whimsical or something ‘online’ people do. We completely understand. It’s a very common misconception as some people actually employ social media in a whimsical manner. In truth, it is actually an important and potent method to creating brand awareness and increasing search rankings. And, the vast majority of people are ‘online’ people and social media is just another avenue to build awareness and momentum for your law firm. For some startling social media statistics click here. But to give you a quick idea, $32 billion was spent on social ad spending in 2019 (nearly 50% of TV ad spending) and it is estimated to rise to $37 billion in 2020. One might conclude that a large majority of brands agree that utilizing social media is an effective technique. As an example, run a search on any major company. On the first page of search results you will see their Facebook page listed as well. Being more than a conclusion, Diamond R Creative feels it is closer to being proof that search engines AND companies sincerely value social media. It also sends a strong enough message to law firms to act on social media.

But why is it important, beneficial, or necessary? Because social media can accomplish several important tasks at once. On a pure marketing level it will:

  • Expand and increase online visibility and awareness of your law firm
  • Build confidence in your brand which is the biggest factor related to your conversion rate
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog which may increase customer acquisition
  • Encourage customers to write positive reviews
  • Allow for easy, low-cost, and widespread broadcasting of marketing message
  • Allow firm to collect market feedback

On a technical level it will:

  • Increase traffic to your website or blog
  • Increase traffic to your to other social media platforms thereby reinforcing your law firm’s marketing message
  • Send positive social signals to search engines
  • Enhance public trust and authoritative levels
  • Create more linkages to your website

Combined, these benefits increase your search rankings. Which is the thrust of Search Engine Optimization and improving your ROI. It’s also another reason to claim your profiles on social media: to control what appears on the first page of search results for your law firm and ensure you are accurately represented.

Diamond R Creative is aware of all these factors and can get your firm up to date. It doesn’t have to be a Herculean task that costs thousands of dollars albeit there are many companies doing so and have employees solely dedicated to social media tasks. Like all things, we believe there is a balance between level of effort and objectives and Diamond R Creative would love to help you find that balance. After an initial meeting to determine your law firm’s needs, Diamond R Creative will form a strategy that reflects what is most important to your business and utilize social media accordingly. But you must understand social media is an ongoing endeavor. We will create correctly optimized profiles and build organic followers for you on multiple platforms and this effort takes time and constant monitoring. We are on social media daily building your reputation and will supply you with regular reports for your review. By letting Diamond R Creative craft, implement and monitor your social media, it allows you to do what you do best: practice the law!

We believe social media should be approached professionally as a long-term strategy. It should support the major marketing strategy and provide, or remind, potential customers that you’re law firm:

  • Supports a variety of issues
  • Reveals why your law firm is needed
  • Shares helpful industry news, updates or press releases
  • And, possibly most importantly, offer help and information to your potential clients

You may have heard the term “engagement” used quite a bit when speaking of social media. This is what they are talking about. Engaging via attractive website & social media content to make interested parties take a look at you. Social media is a great method to drive people to your website. When they get there, your website should force a call to action to contact you, where you can close the deal. Additionally, several platforms offer opportunities to network with professionals and companies that can expand your network and be highly beneficial to you. Not only are you trying to garner new customers directly from social media but from professional networks as well.

Diamond R Creative will set up or update your profiles and respective designs, push content out to the internet for public consumption on a regular basis, and grow your following in an organized methodical manner. We will also monitor and evaluate your traffic across all platforms and suggest if any viable opportunity presents itself that can increase your ROI. We don’t suggest going all in until you have tested, or sampled, the waters. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (210) 387-0251.

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