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Content is King. That is what you will hear from SEO agencies and help guides. Why? Because it’s true! Optimized website content is one of the most strongest SEO signals that will help your rankings.  Using Google as our search engine example, which is common practice due its massive market share (70% nationally & 92% globally), it is a known fact they use algorithms to help users find information that is relevant to their search queries. Obviously, right? How they do this is by having programs (a.k.a Googlebots) catalog billions of websites and web pages on a daily basis (a.k.a. indexing) so the search engine can serve up websites or webpages (website content) that relate to a search query. Well, since Google’s inception, they have been constantly refining these algorithms to better serve relevant results. They have advanced to the point where it can read keywords, surrounding text, or an entire page to discern its true relevance to search terms along with the related and optimized structured code. Google then returns the best matches to the search terms.

Keep in mind you cannot just copy and paste keywords and phrases a million times to get over on competition. Googlebots can detect this black hat methodology and lower your relevance, or worse, consider your website spam and ban it.

Here’s a free tip: the best and most effective SEO method is creating compelling website content that is naturally worded about your law firm’s expertise and achievements stating clearly why clients should hire your firm using a minimum of 300 words with your keywords appearing in the first line. You certainly want to have specific keywords and/or keyword phrases but need to keep them at a density of 3-7%. Meaning, 3-7 keywords per 100 words. However, if they naturally occur more often it should be fine. The ultimate point Google and Bing are trying to reach is returning the most helpful answer to anyone’s search query while removing the non-relevant website content. Otherwise, no one would use their search engine. And this is how content has become king. Hail to the king, baby!

It must be noted that performing Keyword Research and finding apt keywords that your law firm can rank for is a key component and a mandatory crucial step in creating and optimizing your law firm’s content for legal marketing and SEO purposes. And it goes beyond the words you see on the page.

To be clear, webpage copywriting is not the only content in your law firm’s website. Content also includes video, presentations, blogs, infographics, FAQs, eBooks, RSS Feeds, images, pics, diagrams, logo, screenshots, photos of team members and so on. All of these can be created, handled, and implemented in a SEO positive manner that benefits your ranking. If not, it can lower your rankings or even get you penalized. Not to worry, Diamond R Creative ensures your website pages and content adhere to webmaster guidelines, will be indexed by appropriate search engines, and found relevant all the while being helpful to your target market and improving your ROI.

With all this in mind, Diamond R Creative knows how to create highly effective content that provides significant value to potential customers and sends the right signals to search engines. We can improve your current content, create new content, add new content to your law firm’s existing website content, or some combination of this at your discretion. We will work with you to find the right fit for your needs.

By allowing Diamond R Creative to optimize your content, you will be pre-qualifying your potential customers. We will create infographics, website copy, images, guides, and calls to action utilizing our extensive database of the most popular keywords and keyword variations being used as search terms for legal professionals to increase the amount of queries  for your law firm’s website. The website content will clearly reflect why clients should hire your law firm and highlight your exceptional knowledge and services that speak to your target market. Future clients looking for this information will follow up on the content you have provided by contacting your firm. Why? If they are interested in your content, they are interested in you!

An advantage of adding or creating newly optimized content is that it helps your law firm remain in contact with clients and readdress your target market by giving you a reason to communicate with them – updates to website, updates to the law, new guides or videos you are promoting, emails with information regarding your industry, or anything that will provide a benefit to your market.

In addition, this methodology will have you considered an authority in your field and build trust among the general public and search engines. Rather than just selling a service, you are providing helpful information to those in need, much like an industry portal, and educating the public in general. The mindset and effort to help people is a much stronger marketing tactic than hard selling.

And the cost of circulation is extremely low compared to traditional media as the subscription base is the entire internet! The email lists you have curated, your social media platform, your website and followers, all can be utilized to disseminate your content. All of which have tangential reach due to the internet’s interconnectedness of all things. I know, sounds weird but its true! For further information please contact Diamond R Creative and let us know if you have any questions.

As a final note but not any less important is duplicate content. This is an issue that can trip up solid campaigns albeit the event occurs many times unbeknownst to the author. It occurs regularly and without ill-intention a majority of the times but must be consistently kept in check. Duplicate content is exactly what the words mean. An example of this would be a blog. If you and I continually replied to one another, some blogs will continually reprint the content along with all the replies. The reason it’s bad is because it may make you look like you are just taking fresh content from others (at least to the Googlebots!) Also, there are some cases where people just plain plagiarize.  In either case, these duplications hurt your rankings.

Diamond R Creative is aware of the issues surrounding duplicate content and will monitor your website content to ensure it is not stolen or being accidentally replicated. A majority of the issues can be contained when you design your website and how it is coded. Rest assured that we are aware and will work endlessly to ensure you are protected and your content is on the way to being king!

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